In order to stimulate discussion on the workshop topics we are planning a special session in which contributors each give a three minute talk (with a maximum of three slides) about how the three main strands of the workshop (namely interaction, dynamics and formal theory) relate to their contribution. Thus, we hope that close dependencies between interaction, dynamics and the formal theory will emerge in a natural way. This session and the lightning talks will be held after the general introduction to the workshop, and will also serve as a sort of didactic preview for the interested audience.

The order for the lightning talks is as follows:

Insa Lawler, Florian Hahn and Hannes Rieser
Julian Schlöder
Simon Dobnik and Erik de Graaf
Ellen Breitholtz
Staffan Larsson and Jenny Myrendal
Robin Cooper
Gerhard Schaden
Sumiyo Nishiguchi
Dariusz Kalociński
Gregory Mills and Gisela Redeker
Arash Eshghi, Igor Shalyminov and Oliver Lemon
Eleni Gregoromichelaki
Ruth Kempson, Stergios Chatzikyriakidis and Christine Howes
Jérôme Michaud and Gerhard Schaden