The proceedings are now officially available at http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1863/.

Individual papers can be downloaded by clicking on the title. A complete volume is available here.


Ellen Breitholtz. Reasoning incrementally with underspecified enthymemes
Robin Cooper. Turn-taking with a hidden agenda
Simon Dobnik and Erik de Graaf. KILLE: learning grounded language through interaction
Arash Eshghi, Igor Shalyminov and Oliver Lemon. Interactional dynamics and the emergence of language games
Eleni Gregoromichelaki. Procedural syntax and interactions
Dariusz Kalociński. Communicative and cognitive pressures in semantic alignment
Ruth Kempson, Stergios Chatzikyriakidis and Christine Howes. Cognitive science, language as a tool for interaction, and a new look at language evolution
Staffan Larsson and Jenny Myrendal. Towards dialogue acts and updates for semantic coordination
Insa Lawler, Florian Hahn and Hannes Rieser. Gesture meaning needs speech meaning to denote - A case of speech-gesture meaning interaction
Jérôme Michaud and Gerhard Schaden. Language contact: Peaceful coexistence or emergence of a contact language
Gregory Mills and Gisela Redeker. Making invisible "trouble" visible: Self-repair increases abstraction in dialogue
Julian Schlöder. Towards a formal semantics of verbal irony


Sumiyo Nishiguchi. Dynamic social choice for anaphora resolution
Hannes Rieser. A process algebra account of speech-gesture interaction
Gerhard Schaden. Rational interaction and the pragmatics of the slippery slope and guilt by association