Non-participant observation methods for soundscape design and urban planning

  • Lavia, Lisa
  • Witchel, Harry J.
  • Aletta, Francesco
  • Steffens, Jochen
  • Fiebig, André
  • Kang, Jian
  • Howes, Christine
  • Healey, Patrick G. T.
More accurate non-participatory parameters and psychoacoustics to assess human perceptual responses to the acoustic environment are critical to inform effective urban sound planning and applied soundscape practice. Non-participatory observation methods are widely used by experts to capture animal behaviour. In 2012, Lavia and Witchel applied these principles and methodologies for the first time to capturing and assessing human behaviour ‘in the wild’ to changes to the acoustic environment using added sound and music interventions in a clubbing district. Subsequent work was conducted with Aletta and Kang and Healey, Howes, Steffens and Fiebig to begin characterising the acoustic environment and human responses to align the perceptual and physical findings. Here, the authors report on new work and analysis and propose a preliminary predictive agile applied soundscape framework using non-participatory observation methods and psychoacoustics to be used with environmental assessment practice and evolving urban soundscape planning methods by researchers, practitioners and policy makers.
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In Collection
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Handbook of Research on Perception-Driven Approaches to Urban Assessment and Design
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Aletta, Francesco and Xiao, Jieling
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