Proceedings of the Probability and Meaning Conference (PaM 2020)

This volume contains the papers presented at the CLASP midterm conference, Probability and Meaning (PaM2020) at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV), University of Gothenburg, held on October 14-15th, 2020. PaM brings together researchers interested in computationally relevant probabilistic approaches to natural language semantics and includes symbolic, machine learning and experimental approaches to this task, as well as hybrid models. Papers were invited on topics in these and closely related areas, including (but not limited to) probabilistic approaches developed within a computational framework, the semantics of natural language for written, spoken, or multimodal communication, probabilistic type theoretic approaches to meaning, multimodal and grounded approaches to computing meaning, dialogue modelling and linguistic interaction, deep learning approaches and probability, syntax-semantics interface, alternative approaches to compositional semantics, inference systems for computational semantics, recognising textual entailment, semantic learning, computational aspects of lexical semantics, semantics and ontologies, semantic aspects of language generation, semantics-pragmatics interface. This conference aims to initiate a genuine discussion between these related areas and to examine different approaches from computational, linguistic and psychological perspectives and how these can inform each other. It features 4 invited talks by leading researchers in these areas, and 18 peer-reviewed papers, 11 presented as long talks and 7 presented as posters. We would like to thank all our contributors and programme committee members, with special thanks to CLASP for organising the virtual conference and our sponsors SIGSEM http://sigsem.org, the ACL special interest group on semantics, and the Swedish Research Council (Vetanskaprådet) for funding CLASP.
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Christine Howes and Stergios Chatzikyriakidis and Adam Ek and Vidya Somashekarappa
Association for Computational Linguistics
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