Well. Since you're here, let me introduce myself... I'm Chris...
Stunning. Simply stunning

This, rather shockingly, is me. Only I don't really look very much like that anymore, 'cos I had all my hair cut off (about time too, it was getting shockingly long!) but nevermindů

Miss Liberty as she really was Click here to see more pictures of beautiful ickle me ;)

And this, even more perturbingly is about me...

Before I turned 14, nothing really interesting ever happened to me (although I had impeccable taste even then - I mean, who could fault my love for ravioli and cottage cheese?) but when I was 14, I 'discovered' alcohol, and thus new and exciting alternate ways to make a fool out of myself...

Anyway, at 15, because of the alcohol I'd discovered, I broke my jaw. In the abridged version suffice it to say that this changed my jawline forever, but not my attitude to beer. I merely look on it as conclusive proof that Hardman Road in Kingston is harder than I am.

After spending two delightful years at Richmond-Upon-Thames College doing A-levels and generally loafing in
Junction 3!
Junction 3!
Where you get free cups of tea!

I went round the world (with my friend the lovely Lara) which was fab and funky.

Now, however the education system has me firmly in its grasp once more... I am at Nottingham University (not Nottingham Trent!) studying (allegedly) Artificial Intelligence and Psychology, which, as the name implies, is hours of endless fun.

Other than that, I have what has often been regarded as questionable taste in clothes (and partners) and have enough long coats to wear a different one every day of the week without getting through the lot. I also am a confirmed Polo-aholic and have a car called Nigel.